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red bumps on skin not itchy

Rosacea is a disease that causes red bumps on skin not itchy. This disease is a very common disease and usually occurs during teenage years. This disease causes redness near nose, cheeks and forehead. Unlike eczema it does not cause itching. Rosacea can be mistaken for diseases like acne, skin allergy and blushing.

Symptoms of Rosacea causing Red Bumps on Skin not Itchy

Here are a few symptoms that are caused by Rosacea amp; red bumps on skin not itchy.

  • Some areas of your skin become red and small red bumps that are non itchy start to appear
    Your nose becomes red and globular shaped. Disfiguration of nose is commonly seen in Rhinophyma which is a kind of Rosacea.
  • You can see punctured blood vessels near nose and cheeks. This symptom is known as Telangiectasia.
  • In ocular Rosacea you get a burning sensation in your eyes. You should immediately consult your doctor when you get this symptom.
  • Many people tend to ignore this symptom but when you can easily blush then you might have Rosacea.

Phases of Rosacea

Pre Rosacea – Rosacea begins with the tendency to blush easily. This symptom is usually ignored by people. As Rosacea continues one can find persistent redness in the central position of your face. You can find blood vessels near your nose dilated and punctured. What is the Casino Rewards visit VIP loyalty program.

Vascular Rosacea – In this phase one can find dilated blood vessels developing into red bumps that are not itchy. Your skin becomes overly sensitive and oily in this phase.

Inflammatory Rosacea – In this phase you can easily find prominent red bumps on skin that are not itchy. These red bumps can persist near nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. You can also experience ocular Rosacea which is commonly called conjunctivitis.

Treatments to minimize the effect of Rosacea: red bumps on skin not itchy

Power of vinegar - Dilute 1 part of white vinegar with 6 parts of water. Soak a cotton cloth in this solution and dab on your face. Vinegar is a very powerful anti bacterial and disinfectant. Applying this mixture daily can help you with the problem of Rosacea. You must do a small test before applying this mixture as some people can be allergic to white vinegar.

Green tea – Green tea has anti inflammatory properties which can be used to treat small red bumps on skin caused by Rosacea. Just prepare a solution of green tea and apply it on your face. Applying this solution daily can greatly reduce your problem of redness and red bumps.

3) Azelaic acid cream. – Azelaic acid cream can be availed off any medical store. Azelaic cream is a mixture of wheat, rye, barley and Azelaic acid. This mixture helps to relieve from red bumps and redness that is caused by Rosacea.

5) Addressing Food Intolerances -There are many foods that release certain chemicals which puncture and dilate blood vessels. You should be aware of such foods if you are suffering from Rosacea.

Niacinamide Cream - Niacinamide cream is a great source of vitamin B3 and is highly recommended by dermatologist when someone is suffering from Rosacea. This cream is a good moisturizer and makes skin smooth and supple.

Rosacea does not have a complete cure but it can be treated to control symptoms and signs. Mentioned above is a complete guide for red bumps on skin not itchy caused by Rosacea.

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